Integrated Packaging

Our Broad Capabilities Free Up Your Resources

Our experience and flexibility makes us excellent partners for larger integrated packaging companies. With hand fed and high speed automatic equipment in-house, Cowlitz can provide your company these services with the entire range of corrugated, folding carton, and flexible foam materials.

Your prototyping, test runs, and small quantity runs are easily produced at Cowlitz Container. Using our large scope of capabilities frees up your internal resources for longer runs and a higher margin projects while we work through the start up phase with you. When the project better fits your company’s operations, you take it back in house, or at your discretion have us continue to run it.

You no longer have to turn away jobs because they do not fit your core capabilities or equipment schedule. You can feel comfortable not having the added anxiety of de-bugging a new project. We will help you support your existing clients, help a start-up company or take on brand new clients.